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Yu Elite International Media Sdn. Bhd is formed to engage into international worldwide media platform business in entertainment performing arts, organic health/nutrition, professional training course and the like. Yu Elite is in purpose of excellent team expertise to lead Malaysia into a hub for progressive cultural centre. Yu Elite will also embark on collaboration with reputable organizations in topping resources to develop the international market in furtherance to holistic health/nutrition market and nurture more professional international workforce.


Yu Elite from its inception to galvanize Malaysia in the field of performing arts and promoting social media as a platform to promote Yu Elite`s products and services in the pursuance of performing arts development in Malaysia. We would collaborate with other multi international companies, reputable consulting firms in furtherance to our common goals and aspirations. Yu Elite would embark one-year time in developing as amongst the top-notch company in the field of performing arts and its fine holistic health nutritional products and towards healthy living programs is presently works in progress.


Yu Elite is presently Malaysia only one of its kind in the field of work. Our future projects include engaging TV in coming up with talk show like, Topics of holistic health/nutrition with reputable medial professional, Health Diet with Nutritionist, Beauty Tips with Ladies, Let’s go Holidays, Beauty Contests, Challenge to Excellence, Healthy Lifestyle, Q and A, and other topics of interests.


Yu Elite also has experience in organizing international events like catwalk shows, conferences, musical, performances, training aspirants in performance arts. We strive to bring excellence in our work. With the help of the social media platform, we will enhance our presence in this sphere of work.


Yu Elite welcome you in nurturing these exciting human developments. We engage with you in the win-win platform in galvanizing our resources together, to empower ourselves to together greater excellence.


Company founder

Artist YoYo

Asian performing artiste,Nakajima Yoyo registered Artist Yoyo a Chinese / Japanese actress / director, read Performing Arts at Nikon University.


Had gone to the West for further research in the field at performing arts.


She is a versatile and a creative person with a wealth of experience and a leader in the Fine Arts.


She works as fashion model, actress, master of ceremony Manager for actors / actresses in film and musical performances, a Yoyo Instructor as psychologist, Image Instructor, Beauty Instructor, freelance fashion designer, Stage performance Director, Being an Editor for a publishing house in Hong Kong for several years as a Producer for various International Beauty Contests and Fashion shows and as a co-ordinator in Innovative Design, setting up of Events/Musical stape shows.


Set up star base artistic Yoyo Sdn Bhd in Malaysia in 2006

to nurture and train Malaysian aspiring actors/actresses to spear head Malaysia to wards excellence in the International arena. Star Base Artistic Yoyo's students bouyed with confidence and eagerness to learn are the real benefactors at Star Base touched by their commitments formed the International Mandolin Cultural Arts Alumni .


In May 2017 Artistic Yoyo restructure to form Yu Elite international Media Sdn Bhd as is chief Executive officer, to engineer and spear heading the word wide web portal in promoting modern branded products and organiser of Events.


Yu Elite the way forward in producing better works of art in moulding more caliber actors/actresses, expanding holistic/organic kitchen health/Beauty products to nurture healthy living and high quality musical production shows, films and other related arts.



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