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Seaweed Capsule

Do you know what is "Fucoidan"?


Fucoidan collected from a brown algae polysaccharides in natural waters, located in the cell wall of brown algae, a strong hygroscopicity, the alginate surface penetrate the mucus quality, can be prevented thalli sulfate, and its content may be different in types of alginate. Carrageenan content up to 20% of the dry weight. It is a very viscous component,combined by the trehalose into sulfuric acid group-containing polysaccharides. Cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose rise can be suppressed; inhibition of blood coagulation, thus preventing arteriosclerosis and thrombosis. Also improve immunity, prevent cancer and anti-allergic effects.
The alginic anti-cancer effect:
1)To start a cancer cell apoptosis mechanism
.Cancer due to the cell cycle of mutation
.Apoptosis mechanism to destroy cancer cells
.The Fucoidan start the cancer cell apoptosis mechanism
2)To inhibit angiogenesis
.Tumor by angiogenesis waiting for an opportunity to grow in power
.Inhibition of angiogenesis in the treatment of cancer
.Fucoidan can inhibit angiogenesis
3)To enhance immunity
.Cancer of the immune response
.Cancer immunotherapy
.Fucoidan can enhance human immunity
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