Yu Han Fang Wellness Centre(Professional Holistic Healing,U I Holistic System)


"Ai Jiu" Healthy Classroom 

"Five Carvings"

“Ai Jiu" is a technique to open acupoint of human body. It has 3000-years of cultural 
history in China and Japan. Step into YUELITE-Yu Han Fang Wellness Centre, it lead you to more healthier lifestyle, healthy and beautiful, brings happiness for your daily life.
The substances that used in the holistic healing are natural plants. Free from chemical composition.
Yu Han Fang Wellness Centre helps to mitigate conditions for many types of illness;
-Spinal Disorders
-Rheumatoid Conditions
-Digestive Disorders
-Breast Problems
-High Bloodpressure
-Fertility Problems
-Prostate Problems
-Andropause/Menopaus Problems
-Nose/Throat Problems
-Constipation and other health complications

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